The Great Galaxy Grab Slots

Soar to new galaxies for massive prizes. Play Great Galaxy Grab online slots features Pirate Captain Bronzebeard. His adventures have kept him so busy he's neglected his wife. To get him back, she steals the heart that navigates his space ship. To get it back, he must follow her across the galaxy. This sets the stage for both the online slot game and the bonus rounds.

From the moment you watch the humorous opening segment, it pokes fun at Star Wars, you'll be hooked. There are 25 paylines in this space-themed offering from Microgaming. Enjoy scatters, bonuses and wilds. Best of all, there's a decent range of coin denominations (a penny to 25 cents). You can risk a little or try your hand at being a high roller with the maximum bet of $125.

Great Galaxy Grab Features Colorful Symbols

Many of the symbols in Great Galaxy Grab online slots are the places Bronzebeard must visit while chasing Steel Scarlet, his wife. Locations include the Bank, Casino, Diner, Gas Station, Mall and Saloon. All symbols are bold, vivid images that catch your attention.

Other symbols include his wife's space ship, his cherished space ship, Bronzebeard , his robot dog and his wife. Bronzebeard's crew, Deckhand Dan and Trusty Rusty also appear on the five reels. The Great Galaxy Grab log is a scatter that triggers free spins and a 3x multiplier.

Huge Prizes Await Lucky Players

Overall, there is a top jackpot of 2,000 coins. However, it's the bonus games and free spins you really want to play. During free spin rounds, there is the possibility of winning up to 240,000 coins. With a 25 cent coin value, you'd win a whopping prize of $60,000.

The Space Chase bonus games reward you with 21,000 to 45,000 coins. The amount you can win depends on the location you've reached. Each time you hit the next destination, the prize level increases. Potential winnings are as follows: Bank (21,000 coins), Gas and Diner (25,000 coins), Saloon (40,000 coins), Casino (42,500 coins) and Mall (45,000 coins).

Game Play During Space Chase Bonus Games

Each location offers an interactive bonus game. With the Bank bonus, you are shown 12 coins, choose 6 of them to reveal your cash prize. The Gas Station's Refuel Bonus game requires you to match logos. When you succeed, you earn multipliers.

The Diner bonus game is another pick and choose style game. Choose your foods and they'll reveal a cash prize. The Saloon bonus game is a guessing game. You're shown a card and must decide if the next card is higher or lower. The Casino bonus game requires you to spin the reel to win multipliers and up to five respins.

Finally, the Mall bonus game offers the best reward. It's another pick and choose style game. Choose as many gifts as possible before time runs out. If you do well, you'll take home 45,000 coins—worth $11,250 on a 25 cent bet.

Travel to New Galaxies

Head to your favorite Microgaming casino and download their free software. Many offer generous bonus rewards simply for trying them. Make a deposit and many casinos will match that initial amount. You'll have twice as much money to spend. Play Great Galaxy Grab slots and see if you can take home the whopping 240,000 coin prize.